Homologation of Mandates

My experience over the past few years in helping families homologate the mandate of a loved one, is that time and expertise are crucial for this to happen in a timely, seamless manner. In reality in our healthcare system this seemingly simple two step process can take months;

1. CLSC Wait Lists - Months for the psycho-social assessment
2. Physician Wait lists - Weeks or months for the medical assessment
3. Medical Assessment Report - Turn around time is often weeks if not months
4. Physician Expertise - Most family physicians have insufficient experience to develop the critical expertise required for seamless homologation of mandates
5. Physician Relationship - Often treating physician relationships pre-date the incapacity which can cause a reluctance to declare inaptitude
6. Displacement of the patient - For many people with cognitive impairment, a trip to see the treating physician is physically and emotionally challenging

For years I have been providing home medical assessments for seniors to homologate existing mandates. The typewritten report is completed and delivered within 72 hours. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Best regards,

Dr. Jeffrey Brock